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About us

Desiderio Consultants Ltd. is a think tank and a network of independent professional development consultants based in Nairobi, Kenya, whose aim is to promote and influence customs & trade-related policies in African nations, to achieve trade facilitation reforms aimed at improving international and regional trade. We do this through high-quality research & analysis, advocacy, capacity building, and strategic consultancy services.

For more information visit our main website or our facebook page.

On our blog page we discuss and encourage discussion among experts and like-minded professionals on topics related to one of the following 3 areas, with a particular focus on Africa:

  1. Customs;
  2. Transport facilitation;
  3. Trade facilitation.

The aim of this blog is to share experience and learn from (and enrich) each other, so to increase skills levels and further improve business/employment prospects.

If you want to propose a topic of discussion, write us by using the form available in the “Contacts” section of this blog. We accept topics of discussion only in one of the fields covered by this blog.

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