The 3-color card trick in Africa and a possible continental vehicle insurance scheme

Many African Regional Economic Communities (RECs) have adopted regional motor vehicle insurance schemes to cover third-party liabilities and medical expenses for the drivers in case they suffer any bodily injury as a result of a road accident. The advantage of such schemes is that they facilitate cross border movement of vehicles between States, as drivers can travel within these Regions withoutContinue reading “The 3-color card trick in Africa and a possible continental vehicle insurance scheme”

Road transport quotas in Africa and “tour de role” system

Many countries in Africa maintain today bilateral agreements or MoUs establishing transport sharing arrangements for cargo in transit between their national truckers and truckers of neighbouring countries. In landlocked countries, such a system entails an uneven allocation of transport quota where, usually, 2/3 of this cargo is allocated to the carriers from the landlocked countryContinue reading “Road transport quotas in Africa and “tour de role” system”

Bilateral vs. multilateral cross-border road transport permits

To date, many States worldwide have in force national laws governing the circulation over their respective roads of vehicles from other countries carrying passengers or freight for commercial reasons. These laws are mainly aimed to protect their national transport industry by restricting the entry in their territory of road hauliers from neighbouring countries. In practice, thisContinue reading “Bilateral vs. multilateral cross-border road transport permits”

The effects of blockchain on international trade in goods

Wednesday, 31 July 2019 07:31 An interesting article published on the International Trade Forum (quarterly magazine of the International Trade Centre), explores the use of the blockchain for managing all formalities, documents and forms related to trade operations (with the relevant payments), by drawing a parallelism between such a technique and the invention of containers. The invention of the container, inContinue reading “The effects of blockchain on international trade in goods”

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