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The suspension of financial assistance by Developing Partners to “de facto” governments in Africa

Although there is not an agreed definition of de facto government in international law, this concept is commonly referred to all those entities that are in full control over the territory of a State, despite not being recognized by the international community as the legitimate government of that State. The expression ‘de facto’ signals that the authority such entity exercises is illegal or at least has an extra-legal foundation[1].   An attempt to define a de facto government wasContinue reading “The suspension of financial assistance by Developing Partners to “de facto” governments in Africa”

Colonial legacy of transport systems in Africa and low intra-regional trade

Most of the transport infrastructure in the sub-Saharan African region dates back to the colonial era. Colonial rails and roads were built by the European colonizing nations with the main purpose of connecting mining areas and agricultural production centers in the interior to the coast, so to allow the exports of raw materials and the import of European manufactured goods[1]. On theContinue reading “Colonial legacy of transport systems in Africa and low intra-regional trade”

Is the country reputation a critical factor for attracting investors?

When a foreign investor must decide where to invest or do business, the country’s reputation is an important factor to consider. For a State, good reputation means attracting more investments from abroad, capital, technology and last but not least, precious know-how from economically advanced countries.  But how a country’s reputation is built? Some insights comeContinue reading “Is the country reputation a critical factor for attracting investors?”

International development firms: any complaints?

When an international development consultant applies for an assignment with an international development firm, the latter is very meticulous in verifying the accuracy of his CV and it’s prone to blacklist him if he does not perform satisfactorily. But what happens when are these firms to misbehave? Have international development consultants any protection against them?Continue reading “International development firms: any complaints?”

International development consultant, a largely unknown profession

With more than 15 years of experience in projects of technical assistance to developing countries, Danilo Desiderio, CEO of Desiderio Consultants talks about the main tasks and challenges of this business. Can you shortly describe your profession?  I am an expert in customs and trade/transport facilitation. I basically work on assignments within projects launched byContinue reading “International development consultant, a largely unknown profession”